Recipes tagged as G.S.B. cuisine

Patrado - Steamed Colocasia leaves-thumb

Patrado - Steamed Colocasia leaves

A tasty dish prepared from colocasia leaves steamed with coconut, moong beans, rice and masala.

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Pedve Panna Upkari - Spicy Sardine Curry-thumb

Pedve Panna Upkari - Spicy Sardine Curry

This spicy fish curry is a favorite of fish eating G.S.B people.

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Kadgi Chakko-thumb

Kadgi Chakko

Kadgi chakko is a Konkani side dish just like sukka masala or any other dry dish. It is often served along with rice and daal (daali toy).

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Kadgi Adgai - Instant Jackfruit Pickle-thumb

Kadgi Adgai - Instant Jackfruit Pickle

Kadgi Adgai or jackfruit pickle is an instant pickle in konkani cuisine. It can be served along with idli dosa or during meals.

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Kuvale Sasam (Ash Gourd Gravy)-thumb

Kuvale Sasam (Ash Gourd Gravy)

A classsic gsb style coconut based ash gourd curry.

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Kuvale Saali Ani Kooka Upkari-thumb

Kuvale Saali Ani Kooka Upkari

A delicious side dish combining chineese potatoes and leftover peels of ashgourd.

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Croakar fish onion and ginger, this curry is best when served with hot rice.

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Kele Salli Upkari-thumb

Kele Salli Upkari

A healthy and tasty side dish made from banana peels

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