Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

This is my personal website and blog, this page is to provide information about data collection policies and terms of services of this website to be compliant with General Data Protection Regulation Act of Europian Union. Currently, this website is hosted on a server provided by Hetzner, the server is located in Nuremberg, Germany.

The following information applies to the following domains that my son Raghavendra Kamath owns on my behalf and assists me to operate.

Information about the author of this website

Information about the website

The domains are provided by Godaddy and Gandi, and as mentioned above the server is hosted on Hetzner, please refer to their websites to read their privacy policy and data collection policies, as they may collect data about you.

This website is built by my son using a static site generator called Hugo, the source code for the website is available for inspection here. I do not use any third party analytics or trackers like google analytics etc. If in future I decide to use any analytics to analyze traffic coming to the website, it will be hosted on my own server and this document will be updated to inform you about the data that is being collected. I also do not use any content delivery network services to serve fonts, images or videos on my website. If in any of my blog posts, I embed a video hosted by a third party, I will mention it on that blog post and link you to the privacy policy of the service, as they may collect information about you.

The commenting service on this website is made possible by an open source self hosted commenting system called commento. This service is hosted on my own server and no third party has access to this.

Information about the Data collected


When you login to make the comment on any of my blog post or articles, you will be prompted to provide an email address, name, and password. In addition to this, your IP address is stored in server logs when you access the website. I store this data in a database running on a server (commento.emblik.studio). Your email address and other data will not be shared with any external entity or used for any other purpose. The email information is required to authenticate you and stop spam comments. However, you can choose to comment anonymously without providing any details. In such a scenario, the only thing that is stored is your IP address used to access the website.


When you choose to authenticate yourself to comment, a unique randomly generated token (“Session”) will be stored as a cookie in your browser in order to remember you on future visits. If you are not logged in, no cookies will be stored in your browser

Data protection

The log files which record your IP address and the data collected for the commenting system are stored on a server which only I can access. In an unfortunate event of a data breach, your email and password may leak to the hacker, so I suggest not using the same password you use elsewhere, to make an account here. I would try to mitigate the breach in a transparent and best way possible to me. If you notice any misuse or breach of data, you can immediately contact me via my email address - smitha@kamathskitchen.com. If you want the data associated to you, like comments email etc to be deleted, please mail me. If it is possible to export and segregate your data, I may send you your data on request via mail. However I would need some way to authenticate that the data actually belongs to you unless I am sure, I won’t oblige to the request.

Thank you for taking time to read this, if you have any more questions please feel free to email me - smitha@kamathskitchen.com.