Star Fruit Pickle

Karambala Nonche – Carambola (Star Fruit) Pickle

We make a lots of pickles at home depending on the seasonal availability of the ingredients. I shared the instant Jackfruit pickle last time, which had a bit short shelf life. Now it is time for something which can be savoured for a bit more longer

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Taikile Ambado - taro leaves fritters

Taikile Ambado (Dangar) – Tora leaves fritters

At the onset of monsoon many local plants become available in South of India which can be made in into delicious dishes . One such plant is Senna Tora or “Taikilo” as we call it in Konkani language. We use the young leaves of the plant and make fritters or “ambado” from them.

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Ekpani Chutney

Ekpani (Centella) Chutney

A unique herbal chutney which is nutritious as well as tasty. It is often served with rice porridge. It can also be used as condiment in various dishes.

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stuffed apple gourd

Stuffed Apple Gourds (Tinday)

I got these gourds fresh from the market and rather than preparing a boring vegetable dish I wanted to prepare some different using Tindays. I remembered reading this recipe in an old magazine some time back. I added some of my own twists to it.

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