Khotto – Idli steamed with jackfruit leaves

This Sunday I made Khotto also called Khottige or Gunda. It is a type of Idli which is steamed in baskets made from Jackfruit leaves. Preparing it in Jackfruit leaves basket gives it an unmatchable taste and aroma of jackfruit. It is often served with sambhar chutney or some non-vegetarian gravy too. My son likes it with coconut oil and chutney. My son wanted to eat this dish since many days, so finally he finally plucked some large leaves from a jackfruit tree in our backyard and gave it to me.

My mother makes better khottos than me, there’s always something to learn from my mother. She always stresses the importance of using traditional techniques in cooking, and I find most of her tips right.

So you can start today’s recipe by gathering all the ingredients mentioned below.


  • Large Jackfruit leaves (we require four leaves to make one Khotto).
  • Broom stick pieces or toothpicks approximately 9 for one basket.
  • Parboiled Rice – 3 Cups.
  • Urad Daal – 1 Cup.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Coconut water – half cup.

Yes! This recipe requires only these six ingredients. Let’s get started with the method now.


  1. Soak rice and urad daal in water separately for 4-5 hours.
  2. Grind the soaked urad daal into fine paste. Remove from grinder and keep aside.
  3. Now grind the rice. The rice should look like rawa, you should not grind it fine paste. It should have the grainy rough texture.
  4. Now take both rice and urad daal paste and mix in a vessel, add the coconut water. Cover the vessel tightly with cloth or tight lid and keep this mixture in warm place overnight for fermentation. I sprinkle salt as required over this mixture before keeping it to ferment, however I mix it only after the mixture is fermented; many people add it before steaming it. My mother gave me this tip, I don’t know the reason behind it but this is the way I prepare it.
  5. Till the paste gets fermented we should prepare the jackfruit leaf basket. I have added a picture below to explain the process.
  1. In the morning we will mix the fermented paste well (as we have sprinkled salt). If required we can add some water to make the paste less thick. Now pour the paste inside the basket that we prepared from jackfruit leaves. Steam it for 10 to 15 minutes. Serve hot with whatever you like :).

I am sure you will enjoy this dish. Please email me and tell me about your experience cooking this recipe.

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